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San Diego, California+1-858-273-1900
22 - Feb
(Nearby Event: Family)
Where:Women's Museum of California, 2730 Historic Decatur Road , #206, San Diego, California, United States
A Facilitated Conversation About Women's Voices— A group exploration into the silencing of women and the impact of misogyny on all our lives.  7-7:15 Intro 7:15-8 Small group discussions focusing on the questions: When do you remember first being silenced? How did you respond? In what context did you find your voice? How are you now using your voice, politically, spiritually,creatively?  8-8:45 Large group conversation to process the stories that surfaced in small groups  8:45-9 Book giveaways and final comments Free to each participant: a copy of the book Creativity Unzipped: Why Your Thoughts Matter and a copy of The Art of Original Thinking—The Making of a Thought Leader  Jan Phillips is an award-winning author of 11 books and a national workshop facilitator.
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