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18 - May
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B/soul song where the rhythmic lead is played on banjo). For those who crave what NPR called the densely pretty seethe of Horse Feathers earlier ballads, the album delivers Born in Love and On the Rise, accentuating the string surge with Hammond organ, piano, tambourine, and finger snaps. It just felt like a fresh take on how my songs can come across, Ringle says. With this incarnation, its okay if what Im doing right now is in fact kind of a pop song. I can have a chorus and repeat something. Im more aware of that and enjoy it. This artistic adjustment comes in the wake of a lot of changes in Ringles life. Not too long ago, he left his former hometown of Portland for the coastal city Astoria, Oregon. Hes also been dipping his toes into the world of record production, helping North Carolina band River Whyless with the recording of their last album We All The Light. After a while of bouncing between three states, as well as stops in Camas, Washington to finish Appreciation with longtime compatriot Skyler Norwood at Miracle Lake Studios, Ringle is finally settling down just in time to get ready to hit the road with Horse Feathers in support of this new album. I wanna get out there and do my job, he says.Diehard fans are going to find plenty to cherish on Appreciation. But theyre going to have to make room in the club house for a lot more people with this album, the Horse Feathers secret is officially out.
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